Music Albums


2015 - Present


Artist Album  Year Buy 
David Bowie No Plan 2017 Amazon / iTunes
Donny McCaslin Beyond Now 2016  Amazon / iTunes 
Empire of the Sun  Two Vines  2016  Artist Store / iTunes
David Bowie & The Cast of Lazarus Lazarus  2016  Amazon / iTunes 
Emily Zuzik  Angelenos  2016  Bandcamp 
Milán  Time 2016  Bandcamp 
Doyle Bramhall II  Rich Man  2016  Amazon / iTunes 
Lucy Woodward  Til They Bang On The Door  2016 Amazon / iTunes 
Scott Kinsey  Near Life Experience  2016  Artist Store / Amazon
19 Foot Trio Into the Cosmos Vol. I & II 2016  Artist Store
Zhenya Strigalev  Never Group  2016  Artist Store 
Grace Kelly  Trying To Figure It Out  2016  Artist Store 
Knower  LIFE  2016  Bandcamp 
Tedeschi Trucks Band Let Me Get By  2016  Artist Store / iTunes 
David Bowie  Blackstar  2016  Amazon / iTunes 
Daniel Rosenboom  Book of Storms  2015 Artist Store 
Andy Snitzer  American Beauty  2015  Artist Store 
The Bright Wild  The Bright Wild  2015  iTunes 
Carla Ulbrich Totally Average Woman 2015 Bandcamp
Bob Malone Mojo Deluxe 2015 Artist Store
Crow Nuts  Crow Nuts  2015  Artist Store / iTunes 
Artyom Manukyan Citizen 2015 Amazon / iTunes
JJ Appleton & Jason Ricci  Dirty Memory  2015  Amazon / iTunes 
Atlanticat  Reveries  2015  Bandcamp
Donny McCaslin Fast Future  2015  Amazon / iTunes 
Toto  XIV  2015  Artist Store / iTunes 
Zhenya Strigalev's Smiling Organizm  Robin Goodie  2015  Artist Store 
Nelson Rangell Red 2015 Amazon / iTunes


2010 - 2014 


 Artist Album  Year Buy 
Wayne Krantz  Good Piranha / Bad Piranha  2014  Artist Store / Bandcamp 
Eilidh McKellar  Delta Devil Dreams  2014  Artist Store / iTunes 
Till Bronner  The Movie Album  2014  Amazon / iTunes 
Mark Guiliana  Beat Music: The Los Angeles Improvisations  2014  Artist Store / Bandcamp 
Mark de Clive-Lowe  Church  2014  Artist Store 
Mark McLean Feel Alright 2014 Amazon / iTunes
Michael Wollny Trio  Weltentraum  2014  Amazon / iTunes 
Aoede What Are Dreams Made Of? 2013 iTunes
Daniel Rosenboom  Book of Omens  2013  Artist Store 
Le Boeuf Brothers  Remixed  2013  Artist Store 
Mark Guiliana  Beat Music EP  2013  iTunes
Andy Snitzer  The Rhythm  2013  Artist Store 
Mark Guiliana  A Form of Truth  2013  Bandcamp 
Sara Mann  Lullabies  2013  Amazon / iTunes 
Emmy Rossum  Sentimental Journey  2013  Amazon / iTunes 
Jeff Young  More Song Than Dance  2013  Amazon / iTunes 
Jeff Babko  Crux  2012  Amazon / iTunes 
Robby LeDoux  Robby LeDoux  2012  CD Baby / iTunes 
Scrote  Never Let The Little Man Down  2012  Bandcamp 
Donny McCaslin  Casting For Gravity  2012  Amazon / iTunes 
Gabriel Johnson Introducing Gabriel Johnson 2012 Artist Store
Zhenya Strigalev's Smiling Organizm Vol. 1 2012 Artist Store
Scrote Pompadour 2012 Bandcamp
James Cottrial Love Is Louder 2012 Amazon / iTunes
Eric Marienthal It's Love 2012 Amazon / iTunes
Bill Evans Dragonfly 2012 Amazon / iTunes
Mind Plow Mind Plow 2012  
Milán Voices (Single & Remix) 2011 iTunes
Nancy Magarill The Carousel 2011 Amazon / iTunes
Knower Think Thoughts 2011 Bandcamp
Black Bird White Sky Black Bird White Sky 2011 CD Baby / iTunes
Lizzy Loeb The One 2011 Amazon / iTunes
Rudder Live - Rockwood Music Hall NYC (DVD) 2011 Tim Lefebvre Store
Eric Redd 54 2011 Amazon / iTunes
John Escreet The Age We Live In 2011 Amazon / iTunes
Michael Franks Time Together 2011 Amazon / iTunes
Andy Snitzer Traveler 2011 Artist Store
Christopher Jackson In The Name Of Love 2011 Artist Store / iTunes
Peter Eldridge Mad Heaven 2011 Artist Store / iTunes
Till Bronner At The End Of The Day 2010 Amazon / iTunes
Emily Zuzik & Tim Lefebvre Domestic Blitz 2010 Tim Lefebvre Store
Robin McKelle Mess Around 2010 Artist Store
David Holmes The Dogs Are Parading: The Very Best Of David Holmes 2010 Amazon / iTunes
Donny McCaslin Perpetual Motion 2010 Amazon / iTunes


2005 - 2009


Artist Album  Year  Buy 
Lizzy Loeb Drawing Lines 2009 iTunes
Jamie Cullum The Pursuit 2009 Amazon / iTunes
Uri Caine / Bedrock Plastic Temptation 2009 Amazon / iTunes
Wayne Krantz Krantz Carlock Lefebvre 2009 Artist Store / Bandcamp
Lisa Lisa Life 'n Love 2009 Amazon / iTunes
Brigitte Zarie Make Room For Me 2009 Amazon / iTunes
Rudder Matorning 2009 Tim Lefebvre Store / iTunes
Harrison Roach All These Things 2009 CD Baby / iTunes
Uri Caine Ensemble The Othello Syndrome 2008 Amazon / iTunes
Tamara Hey Miserably Happy 2008 Artist Store / iTunes
Sean Wayland Pistachio 2008 Bandcamp / Amazon
Lynne Timmes Human 2008 Amazon / iTunes
Moss Moss 2008 Amazon / iTunes
Leo Abrahams The Unrest Cure 2008 iTunes
Machan Motion of Love 2007 Amazon / iTunes
Wayne Krantz Your Basic Live '06 2007 Artist Store
Rudder Rudder 2007 Amazon / iTunes
Gil Parris Strength 2006 Amazon
Peter Eldridge Decorum 2005 Artist Store / iTunes
Uri Caine / Bedrock Shelf-Life 2005 Amazon / iTunes
Chuck Loeb The Love Song Collection 2005 Amazon / iTunes
John Petrucci Suspended Animation 2005 Amazon


2000 - 2004


Artist Album  Year Buy 
Carmen Cuestra Peace of Mind 2004 CD Baby
Till Bronner That Summer 2004 Amazon / iTunes
Various Artists Verve Today 2004 2004 Amazon
Frank Chastenier For You 2004 Amazon
Tony Lakatos I Get Along With You Very Well 2003 Amazon / iTunes
East 4th Horns Room With A View 2003 Amazon
Carmen Cuesta-Loeb One Kiss 2003 Amazon / iTunes
Wayne Krantz Your Basic Live 2003 Artist Store
David Holmes David Holmes Presents The Free Association 2002 Amazon
David Binney Balance 2002 Amazon / iTunes
Uri Caine / Bedrock Bedrock 3 2001 Amazon
Chuck Loeb In A Heartbeat 2001 Amazon / iTunes
Bela Szakcsi Lakatos On The Way Back Home 2001 Amazon / iTunes
Boomish Clearance Sale 2000 CD Baby / iTunes
Droid NYC D'N'B 2000 Amazon / iTunes
Manfred King Schlafstorung 2000  
Peter Eldridge Fool No More 2000 Artist Store / iTunes
Uri Caine Ensemble The Goldberg Variations 2000 Amazon
Richard Dobson A New York Night 2000 Amazon / iTunes
Till Bronner Everything Happens To Me (The Remixes) 2000  
Till Bronner Chattin' With Chet 2000 Amazon / iTunes
David Fiuczynski Jazzpunk 2000 Amazon / iTunes
Larry John McNally Loose Ends 2000 Amazon / iTunes


1995 - 1999
Artist Album  Year Buy 
Bill Evans Touch 1999 Amazon / iTunes
Hildegard Knef 17 Millimeter 1999 Amazon / iTunes
Boomish Boomish 1999 Amazon
Pete McCann Parable 1999 Amazon / iTunes
Wayne Krantz Greenwich Mean 1999 Amazon
Till Bronner Love 1998 Amazon / iTunes
Chuck Loeb The Moon, The Stars, And The Setting Sun 1998 Amazon / iTunes
Chuck Jackson I'll Never Get Over You 1998 Amazon
New York Jazz Guerrilla Bluth 1998  
Various Artists Bass Talk, Vol. 5: Play Da Bass 1997 Amazon
Leni Stern Black Guitar 1997 CD Baby
Wayne Krantz / Leni Stern Separate Cages 1997 Amazon
Various Artists Time and Love: The Music of Laura Nyro 1997 Amazon
Nelson Rangell Turning Night Into Day 1997 Amazon / iTunes
Eddie Daniels Beautiful Love 1997 Amazon / iTunes
Mark Sherman Spiral Staircase 1997 Amazon / iTunes
Intrigue Acoustic Soul 1996 Amazon / iTunes
Chuck Loeb The Music Inside 1996 Amazon / iTunes
Common Ground Common Ground 1996 Amazon
Leni Stern Words 1995 Amazon





Film, TV, and Video Games


Title Year Buy
David Bowie: The Last Five Years 2017  
Despicable Me 2 2013  Amazon / iTunes
Lawless 2012  Amazon / iTunes 
The Odd Life of Timothy Green  2012  Amazon / iTunes 
People Like Us  2012  Amazon / iTunes 
30 Rock  2010  Amazon / iTunes 
Please Give 2010 iTunes
Saturday Night Live 2001-
Ocean's 13 2007  Amazon / iTunes 
The Departed 2006  Amazon / iTunes 
The Late Show With David Letterman 2006  
Mad Hot Ballroom 2005  Amazon / iTunes 
Ocean's 12 2004  Amazon / iTunes 
Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle 2004 Amazon / iTunes 
Strander 2003  
A Decade Under The Influence 2003  
The Caroline Rhea Show 2003  
The Sopranos 2003  
Analyze That 2002  Amazon 
Sonic Adventure 2 2002 Amazon / iTunes


 buy here

 one of the best tracks i have ever laid down..."Oscar Said"..

 Produced "To All the Ones", additional writing and produced "So Serious", buy HERE

 buy it here produced by my friend Doug Petty. i played on "one wish"


 produced by chuck loeb, with Russell Ferrante, Gary Novak, Jimmy Haslip, Jeff Lorber, Yours Truly..get it here

  get it here featuring warren haynes, josh dion, andy hess, mitch stein, keith carlock, myself



Scrote, "Pompadour" EP with Brett Simons, Blair Sinta, Co-wrote "To Make Your Heart" and "I Bleed You, Dear" will be up soon to buy this...LOVE this new rekkid...raw!

 Produced by Nic Hard BUY HERE

 produced by greg wells, bass on "just one of those things"

 Remixed "Voices"


 I produced "Later or Sooner' , buy HERE

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co-wrote and co-produced "Not Afraidf" 

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