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The Octabvre (pronounced "octave") is a dual mode analog octaver that adds a harmonically rich sub octave to your instrument. It was designed with the input of bass player Tim Lefebvre, a man who has achieved great heights both musically and physically (he's really tall).


The Octabvre features a tone knob that alters the character of the sub octave. At one end it replicates the classic tone of the Boss OC-2, and at the other end it captures the gritty sub sound of the Mutron Octave. A second footswitch with a dedicated volume control solos the sub octave for 808-inspired sounds.


 just joined the amptweaker family...thes pedals are some of THE best...AMPTWEAKER

Out in the Universe

 photo by michael parque

 photo by Jessica Rain

 photo by Alex Kluft

 Photo By Alex Kluft

 photo by michael parque

 foto by Jeremy Plotnikoff, sept 2010

 Beat Music 1-12-12 fotos by Cari Veach Photography 

 photo by Pete Fogel

 photo by Summer Tran

 thx to sherry rollins westin

 foto by Summer Tran, Mark Guiliana Beat Music, Paris December 2010

 from left: Dennis Hamm, Gene Coye, Larry Carlton, Yours Truly

 Jim Black, Mark Guiliana

 Beat Music 1-12-12 fotos by Cari Veach Photography

 the lovelies Pi Jacobs, Emily Zuzik, and Celia Chavez...after the "Domestic Blitz" show at Pi Jacobs' "After school Special.

Photo by MAria Santos 

 photo by Maria Santos..

 rudder tour, Dublin, fall 2010

 pre botti gig

 me and reggie hamilton goofin at Bassacre '12

 jazz vienne '11

 me, tal w, mark g

 photo by summer tran

  Beat Music 1-12-12 fotos by Cari Veach Photography

 foto by berndt hentschel, Rudder Tour fall 2010

 NYE Blue Whale, Billy Childs Quartet, photo by Jessica Rain

 the George Michael Band guys: Mark McLean, Henry Hey, Ben Butler, Myself, Young Joon Park, Andi Roselund, NAMM 2012

 coffee bar

 the big screen at Hollywood Bowl with Jamie Cullum, 2007. 

 Chris Botti Live Pedal Situation, 2012.

 Chris Botti Instrument Situation, 2012. Mathias Thoma Upright with David Gage Realist pickup and AMT mic, Callow Hill OBS 5. Double Aguilar db 751. Powerful stuff. 

 MXR, Moollon, Malekko. Toys for Boys. SFO1 is off the chain. 

one of my fave guitarists ever

 Blue Whale with Ben Perowsky, May 2012

  Beat Music 1-12-12 fotos by Cari Veach Photography

 photo by michael parque 

 Paris, December 2010. Photo by Summer Tran.

 photo by Jeremy Plotnikoff, from left Leonardo Amuedo, Billy Kilson, Andy Ezrin, Caroline Campbell, Chris Botti, Lisa Fischer, Moi, Geoffrey Keezer. The Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA June 2, 2012

 photo by Michael Parque 

  Beat Music 1-12-12 fotos by Cari Veach Photography

 photo by Summer Tran

 Mark Guiliana, Beat Music, Paris 2010 photo by Summer Tran

 photo by Summer Tran

 Mike Severson (Bilal) Beat Music Paris 2010, photo by Summer Tran

 photo bt Michael Parque

 paris 2010 photo by summer tran

 mark guiliana, paris 2010, photo by summer tran

 mike severson, 2010 photo by summer tran

 kwuumba jazz 2013  photo by jonzey

kwuumba jazz, 2013  photo by jonzey

 photo by jonzey

 myself, Jeff Babko, Martin Short , Babko-Lee wedding, Nov 2012

 myself, the ravishing bride songa lee, steve lukather, nov 2012

 tony la russa and i, PAWS benefit, 2010

 NAMM 2012, Roland Garcia, me, Bob Reynolds. a couple of my fave players in LA.

 photo by jason lindner

 Larry Carlton and I, Dallas TX the Grenada Theater, May 2012. Photo by Bill Ellison. 

 with Ben Perowsky @ Blue Whale, 2012. Photo by Maria Santos.

 Jay Terrien, myself, Thomas Haake, Mark Guiliana, 1-2012...Haake is a hero...drummer for meshuggah...that band has made me re-think a couple things...

 photo by Michael Parque

 photo by Nicole Polec

  Beat Music 1-12-12 fotos by Cari Veach Photography

 photo by clowns, dublin, Nov 2010, Button Factory, Rudder...epic


 tim + Gary Novak, NYE 2011 at Blue Whale LA, Billy Childs Quartet, photo by jessica rain

 photo by Michael Parque

 with Jeff Babko and Martin Short, Nov 2012. photo by Kim Fox Photography..

 RIP Tim Cloonan. You will be missed. 

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